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In the production of our products we pay attention to the details and we keep faithful to our traditional recipes. That is why our products stand out and are constantly awarded in international competitions.

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    A century taste and quality

    A cheese factory that comes from the depths of time and wins with all its might the present. It all started in the distant 1916, when grandfather Vassilis set up his small cheese dairy in a mountain village of Argolida, Krya Vrysi. Koromichi cheese factory is starting to take its first timid steps in the cheese market.

    The years go by, people and businesses grow and the Koromichi Dairy passes, from the beginning of 1960, into the dynamic hands of Father Andreas. In 1994 the company develops even more, with the entry into the company -now- ARGOGAL, of Andreas's three sons. Modern building facilities with an area of ​​2,000 square meters are being constructed in Kefalari, Argos, following European standards.

    Today, ARGOGAL, based on the experience and know-how it has acquired over the years, deals with the same fun, mood and passion for the production of top products, while it should be noted that the dairy has a HASP and ISO 22000: 2005 quality assurance system.